Parting with your pet can be hard and you will always be thinking about their welfare when you’re on vacation. It can be especially difficult when you have a strong bond with your pet and they are used to seeing you every day. There are specialized accommodation options you can check out if you’re going to be away from home for a while. They will make sure that your pet is provided for and are in relative comfort.
You can ask friends, family or other pet owners in your neighborhood when you’re looking for luxury dog boarding kennels in Sydney. This will give you a good idea about the facility. Ask about their experience and you can make a list of pros and cons for the options you have. Your veterinarian may have some suggestions as well. Bear in mind that whatever facility you choose has to provide the best care for your dog. Some dogs are better at dealing stress than others. Think about how the overall environment of the facility is going to impact your pet.
Once you’ve narrowed down your prospects, visit the facility to get a clearer idea about the place. There are long term dog kennels if you’re going to be away for an extended duration. Check out the service and facilities provided by the kennel. You need to have a good idea about the staff as they will be handling your pet when you’re away. Check whether they are adept at handling dogs of all types and whether they are qualified enough. You should also see if they have the right temperament to be around dogs. Dogs can be such gentle and sensitive creatures. They will love a kind word and an affectionate touch. See if there is someone on call at all times to respond to emergencies and such. There has to be a veterinarian or someone trained to administer medical aid if necessary.
The accommodation type is also important. Check what type of enclosure they have and see if the fences are safe. It is better to choose a kennel in the quiet part of the town away from the bustle of the city. Make sure it is clean and hygiene is maintained. Cleanliness is a big factor in choosing kennels. See if the size of the property is enough to allow your pet a sense of freedom. Some kennels can be crowded and cause undue stress for your pet. The overall comfort of the accommodation has to be taken into account. You may find luxury dog boarding in Sydney by visiting the given link. Kennels should be warm in the winter and be cool in the summer so that your pet doesn’t feel uncomfortable. Make sure you bring a copy of the health record of your pet so that the facility is up to date with their conditions.]