For most people, a sudden trip abroad or the opportunity to migrate is not something that they foresee and therefore a sudden relocation can be stressful and hectic. It is very sad fact that most people in this situation will not think twice about leaving their pet dog or pet cat behind or abandoning their pet who depends on them before they leave. It is important to note that a dog or a cat like a child depends on the humans they live with for survival and loves the human unconditionally and therefore abandonment can often kill them either emotionally because they become depressed causing them to stop eating until they fall ill or may get run over and killed to a vehicle as they are home to pets who are not used to surviving on the street.

Rehoming is not the answer

Many people leave the country with a clear conscience because they have managed to “rehome” their pet dog or pet cat with a total stranger. However this is not the solution as animals often have separation anxiety and will not warm up to a complete stranger easily. Leaving your pet with a complete stranger is akin to abandoning your pet. Just as you would not leave your own human child behind or rehome them to a new home of strangers, it is vital that you do not leave your pet dog or your pet cat behind. There are many companies that handle domestic pet transport in Australia that will help you to take your pet across the border without much hassle.

Today the laws in relation to transportation of pets have loosened very much with the advancement of vaccinations and precautionary measures that can be taken and therefore it is quite easy to transport your pet and take him or her with you.

If you look online you will find the number of domestic pet transport specialists who will be willing to help you. Of course you have to anticipate the fact that there will be a fee involved however this is a fee that you will have to bare just as you would have to bare the fee relating to transporting your child with you. If you are interested about international pet transport you can go to this site

Every day hundreds of pets are abandoned across the world and are either thrown into animal rescue homes into cages if they are lucky they will die on the streets after being run over. When you decide to adopt a pet it is important that you make the commitment to take care of that pet for the entirety of your pets’ life. This means taking the pet with you if you are traveling.