Having a dog as a member of your family will undoubtedly bring you joy and much pleasure. Having such a faithful and long companion join your household will inevitably brighten up your home.

It is therefore important that this companion receives love, attention, and comfort in return, and as such, their requirements for feeling comfortable and secure will differ from your own, to a certain degree. Hence, it must always be made a priority to make your home safe and accommodating to your most lively family member.

Pet doors and flaps

Installing pet doors and/or pet flaps will allow your dog to access the outside of the home, especially the yard, as well as different parts of the home, at its will without restrictions. Once given basic dog-training, it will be a very suitable practical addition to your home to install pet doors in order to allow your dog to not feel restricted to a small area of the home. Dogs require space, especially larger dogs who prefer space to roam about in. Restricting the dog to a small area of the home will only cause your dog to feel frustrated.

Daily necessities and accommodation

In addition to daily necessities such as feeding bowls for both food and water, your dog will need a designated area for sleeping. A dog bed may be purchased if desired, and it is fairly easy to locate good quality dog beds online from reputed retailers and manufacturers of pet products. Making your home dog-friendly would also require you to invest in a few chew toys and toys to keep your pet entertained.

Choosing to purchase a leash will also allow your dog to be comfortable when being taken for walks, and will minimize the risk of neck and spinal injuries, and general reduction of discomfort for the dog.

Some other rarely thought of concerns when it comes to providing a dog-friendly environment for your pet includes avoiding leaving small objects lying about unsupervised, as these may become a choking hazard for your dog. Additionally, items such as pins, nails, and any other sharp objects should always be looked for, especially on carpeted floors, to make sure none are lying about, as this will undoubtedly injure your dog’s paws or worse, will cause internal damage and bleeding if swallowed.

It is also important to keep food items that may be toxic to your dog in an inaccessible place. For this, it is also necessary to educate yourself regarding the types of food that are health risks for your dog.